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Affirmation #1

I am (your name) I am.
I ask for the discernment
and understanding to select
the perfect remedy that I
need at this time.
I reach out to my higher-self—
that place of knowingness
where all my choices are perfect
and in balance.
I ask and direct the energies
of these choices to enter
my being and deliver the
consciousness, balance, and
illumination I need to evolve
along my perfect path.
Where there is density in my
emotional, mental, or physical
body, I ask for Light.
I am grateful for the opportunity
to interact with the plant
and mineral kingdoms and to
move into a greater state of
Give me the strength to allow
these tools of consciousness
to spark my understanding of
the ways my thoughts, beliefs
and karmic patterns create
my behavior and the health
of my body.
Grant me the intelligence
and sensitivity to choose the
correct patterns of behavior
which will lead me to happiness,
health, and a greater capacity
to serve.
So be it.

Fred Rubenfeld