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Affirmation #2

(Take a deep breath and create a state of inner silence and receptivity.)
I open my being to the Source of all.
Bringing inside the Divine as expressed in multiple life-forms
Each one carrying within a particular essence of universal wisdom and love.
As I reach out to connect with and be connected to all of these expressions
I realize the journey that my soul has e’er travelled.
Those forms I have taken to understand universal truths
Those times I have rested between incarnations to seek out even more knowledge
To allow me to know who I am.
I embrace all of those energies offering love and evolvement
Towards the goal of my path to the Divine
May I be open to guide others along their perfect path
May an interwoven branch of earth-forms be ready to demonstrate planetary love to all other forms seeking it.
May we all be prepared to merge into a universal family under God.

Fred Rubenfeld