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Mars Elixirs
A Discourse by Master Hilarion

“This is an especially important time for all to look within at these issues of fear and conflict. As one shifts these inner tendencies one can have real impact on the outer realities of this world. Rather than tapping into reservoirs of rage, fear, and frustration and discharging it towards the relatively few humans, be they terrorist or globalist, involved with directing the present course of events on the global stage, we can alter the aspects within us all that resemble those energies that we are objecting to. The following is a discourse given by Hilarion regarding the use of the energies of Mars in the most positive manner.
“Indeed many hours could be spent on this, entire books, as it is a very important transformative essence, yet many of the energies associated with Mars are so important for people to understand for their positive and negative vibrations. As to the elixir properties, these will specifically focus on the transformation of the energies of the darker nature, more difficult aspect, into their positive utilization. The opportunity to express, to invite change, to welcome transformation at a deeper level, to allow the energies that are hidden in states of fear to be understood, to be loved into existence, into light, rather than to be manifested as more fear, and various strategies such as anger, rage, or war in order to seek, though unconsciously, to remove that fear. This opportunity to transform is the positive side of the same energies that can be seen as negative. Indeed one can see how anger and enthusiasm are the same sorts of energy, but manifested as qualities negative or positive, respectively. As the Mars elixir is able to help people look at such energies, all kinds of buried hidden agendas will come to the surface; people must look at these consciously, seek the ways to change them.
“As deeper energies are made available, all kinds of opportunities for healing are presented. Mars elixir is not inherently healing; people must use the energy. But many individuals on your planet, particularly those suffering from chronic fatigue or various physical difficulties in which a scarcity of energy appears to be the problem, actually have lots of energy buried, repressed, held back—often from states of conflict or difficulty. Mars elixir can help them resolve those conflicts and express the issue, look at the underlying problems, and be more conscious about them.
“Certain issues relating to territoriality, jealousy, various ways in which the belief patterns of individuals have strongly impacted their lives, leading eventually to physical difficulties in the body, particularly those associated with cancer, are brought into a state of healing by Mars elixir; not by energies which are inherently cleansing or clearing, but energies that are communicative, allowing and encouraging people to express these issues and to find a way to bring forth the sense of territoriality, the sense of love as opposed to loss (often missing when states of jealousy are felt), and other important issues brought into a state of grace, transformation, awareness, connection. Mars elixir can help people shift the way in which they work with these energies in ways that are very positive and useful.
“Of course there are many specific uses where one has Mars negatively aspected in the astrological chart, or when one is contending with some particular Mars issues in life such as Mars retrograde, Mars conjunct Venus (as is ongoing), or other energies that individuals might seek to apply this for.
“But the most helpful use for Mars elixir can be for bringing forth the expressive powerful capability that is buried in an individual, particularly helpful for women in the way in which Venus elixir can be particularly helpful for men in the way in which a hidden archetype of the opposite gender is then brought to the surface and allowed more sense of love, compassion, caring, as if an inner sacred marriage is welcomed.
“Thus these energies from Mars need to be balanced as associated with planet Earth on every level, and all of the ways to encourage this for individuals can come forth as through the vibrational path of Mars elixir or meditating on the planet at night, to welcome its energy and to see of how it affects one, and how the individual can change it.”

Note: This elixir and other Planetary Elixirs can be purchased for $14.95.

It may also be helpful to look at two other products for Compassion and Forgiveness. These are combinations C155 and C156.

Combination 155 – Compassion
      (Gardenia, Lotus, Shasta Daisy, Sunflower, Emerald, Gold, Xenon, Helios, Aldebaran)
For many individuals, issues that have been repressed with regards to times and awareness of compassion denied, will become more conscious. This will increase the outward movement of compassion for others, for the Earth, for devas, for subtle energies, etc. At the same time, there will be an awareness within of a love, a sense of purpose, an inter-connectiveness to other beings, other life streams, a sense of recognition of one´s similarity and awareness of many energies of nature, of life, of the principle of manifestation itself, and the understanding of God. This will then increase one´s inner levels of compassion, self-forgiveness, and acceptance of the human condition. This will ultimately release large reservoirs of energy that may have been stuck for many lifetimes, that can be experienced in a healthy way. there will be a sense of alignment of purpose of the heart and the mind. One can start to expand the possibilities of receiving compassion from higher vibrational levels than you have ever imagined. As an affirmation:

“I accept that I am a deeply compassionate being. I accept that there is a place for this energy in the world.” To repeat this affirmation, with the gesture or symbols of the open palms would be valuable as one works with this remedy.

Combination 156 – Forgiveness
      (Nodding Onion, Silversword, Ruby, El Nath, M22)
With this mixture, one can increase one´s ability to for self-forgiveness, even those issues that have been around for multiple lifetimes. these issues can be allowed to come up, to be welcomed and finally to be shifted. After using this remedy, one can relax into a higher vibrational state, a movement into a natural space where a clear conscious change can take place. As a result, one can shift one´s awareness of forgiveness from an emotion to a discovery of a condition, a condition that once it has been accepted, enhanced, and allowed can move into a more permanent space of activation and assistance. This contextual shift at a high vibrational level can start to answer some inner questions around an adversarial system and competition that is enforced on many levels within this society.
One can start to realize a level of forgiveness and acceptance that is apparent in nature as one watches the cooperation between many species.
Through the shift enabled by this elixir, one can sense an inherently transformative energy that tends to connect many higher levels of vibration, aligning chakras 7-11. As forgiveness is allowed more deeply into a person´s awareness, a principle of manifestation begins to emerge.
This is the capacity by which one accepts , those aspects of life that easily and naturally support and love you. Discovery of forgiveness is a powerful tool to change relationships; to change the relationships to oneself, to one´s family, to one´s friends, to all beings of the world. With repeated use of this elixir, the mind opens itself and joins the heart to more easily accept and continue the manifestation of this energy to higher and higher vibrational levels. It is as if the heart enters into the mind as if an accepting, loving way of being is allowed through you to share with all beings and act as an example of benefit and forgiveness.

Fred Rubenfeld