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Open Letter

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your interest in Pegasus Products.

I acknowledge that part of you, conscious or not, that reached out to us to receive energies for transformation and healing.

As one of us makes a shift, we all benefit. Therefore, I benefit as you grow. In turn, you benefit as I positively mutate my Energy Body. We are all connected in this as in all things.

So please join me in exploring this new paradigm of life. This is not the empirical-scientific mode. Nor is it the fundamental religious model. This is a model of multi-dimensionality.

If you do not wish to radically shift your energy, be it on an emotional, physical or spiritual plane, then please do not read any further. Give our catalog away to someone who is ready for self-awareness and change.

I do not wish to disparage you in any way, for there is much that I, myself, am still not ready to look at or shift. Yet there is much less than there was last month or last year or last lifetime. I have been using vibrational remedies for close to twenty years with some level of success.

What does this success look like? I am much more aware of my patterns of behavior or how I react to things in my life. I have a greater intuitive/psychic capacity than before. When I create situations in my life, difficult or not, I understand what it is that I am trying to reflect or learn. When confronted by a physical or emotional challenge, I have an understanding of why that is, as well as why this was created at this particular moment.

From this place of knowing or understanding, it is much easier and quicker to move through life's situations. Difficult relationship patterns I used to have stopped or been reduced greatly. Physical conditions have been relieved or eliminated.

My very understanding of life and the world has been stretched from a mere three-dimensional outlook to one that is multi-dimensional. That is, I don't just look at the physical reality of life, but I perceive it as a much broader and richer spectrum. My life now is often involved in the so-called invisible realm. When I look at the body, I do not see the minor physical pieces, but I perceive the much greater whole.

It is in this majority portion of the self where difficulties are first created. If ignored or left untreated, these energetic imbalances will eventually physicalize. This could result in illness, relationship challenges, financial difficulty or general unhappiness.

Pegasus Products has been in existence since 1981. The original caretaker was Gurudas, author of some of the most influential books on vibrational healing and the uses of flower remedies and gem elixirs.

I have been involved with the company since 1987 after a long background of healing work. I did play a part in the bringing through of the information on Starlight Elixirs as well as other vibrational tools.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to explore how to use consciousness and love to bring you products of maximum effectiveness. In this exploration, both in making these products, labeling, shipping and taking care of the logistical business practices, the collective "I" that is Pegasus Products tries to manifest the highest level of integrity that we are capable of.

Once again, I would like to express my feelings of urgency in your using these products or any products, treatments, or therapies which will make you more aware of the multi-dimensional worlds and more adept at recognizing who you truly are.

In love and truth,

Fred Rubenfeld
      Pegasus Products