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Elixirs Impact the Energy Body

Flower Essences, Gem Elixirs, Element Elixirs, Starlight Elixirs, and Inert Gases all impact on the Energy Bodies of animals, humans, and plants in a very specific, yet beautiful, manner.

Imbalances and disharmony that are felt in our emotional, physical, or aetheric bodies are created by negative thought forms and negative emotional states.

What does this mean? Even though most living things are exposed to environmental stresses, poor nutrition, and a weakened immune system, only some succumb to illness.

Even those who share identical gene pools have a different susceptibility to disease. All of us are in constant contact with bacteria and viral forms that are disease-laden, yet most of us are not sick.

Look to your energy body; look at your ability to move through dense emotional states quickly without carrying that toxic burden around. Check the quantity and intensity of ill thoughts within your mind. These can be thoughts of jealousy, resentment, fear, unresolved anger, or just too many moving you away from your center or higher self.

Sick thoughts or feelings can leave one susceptible to the most dramatic form of teaching that our guides and helpers only resort to when we refuse to hear the more subtler form of communication from them. This dramatic form of enlightenment can come in the form of disease or distress.

All of the above mentioned vibrational remedies act as a means to reveal quickly, and without stress, the lessons one requires without the need for illness to be the teacher.

The Mineral Kingdom, Plant Family and those energies from the stars offer very special gifts in a vibrational form. They assist in bringing to the surface issues and teachings for you to look at, utilize and process in a way to obviate any need for disharmony. The main reason for the very existence of plants and minerals on Earth is to offer their individual gift or personality (signature) to the human life stream.

At Pegasus Products, we have tried to gather as diverse a collection as possible from around the world or galaxies. Our vibrational collection is now numbered at over 1,200 individual products. All continents are represented except for Antarctica.

We have flower remedies from the desert, from the high mountains, from Polynesia and Australia. Our gem elixirs are from Africa, Asia, South America and from our Solar System. We offer a system of Element Elixirs made from noble and other gases such as argon, krypton, hydrogen and ozone.

Another subsystem within the Pegasus repertoire is Starlight Elixirs. These products are vibrational remedies of Planets, Stars, Nebulae and Galaxies.

Let us now begin to celebrate the path that is available for us to co-create with flowers, minerals and other helpers. There is only one sane way to proceed and that is to take care of difficulties before the disease manifests. This is the ultimate form of prevention.

Do not be misled by a way of looking at health that has only been practiced for a hundred and fifty years or so by a minority of health practitioners. Rather, attempt to look at it from the perspective of the entire world. Ponder the native peoples of the world and their approach to wellness. Look to the much older, and more refined, systems of China and India.

Do not get overwhelmed by the vast budget that some have to proselytize their narrow views on health. Let us begin to take back our birthright of vitality and wellness. Let us purify our thoughts and feelings so that we can firmly establish a greater degree of energetic integrity for ourselves and our Planet.