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Suggestions for use

General Suggestions for Using Elixirs

Again, always listen to your inner voice for guidance. Keep an open mind and don't limit yourself to the uses listed here and in books.

Use these essences and elixirs with a sense of love, joy, and delight.

Selecting the proper vibrational remedy can be based on:

  • the list of potential effects in the Pegasus Products materials.
  • techniques such as using a pendulum, muscle testing, or the "Divine Lottery" (putting the bottles in a bag and reaching in to pick one).

Always follow your intuition and higher guidance when choosing which of these methods to use and develop your own practices.

Cautions—Keep bottles away from televisions, microwave ovens, and other sources of radiation. Store them in a cool, dry space.

Preparation—Being in a relaxed and receptive state is very important. Take a few deep breaths. Relax the muscles of the face, jaw, and throat.

Visualization—Using visualization techniques and/or affirmations helps to empower what you wish to accomplish. See, feel, and imagine the essence or elixir at work. Visualize the color and shape of the gem or flower.

Timing—One may start a regimen of using elixirs for two weeks, then stop for three days to assimilate the energies, and continue for another week or two.

Activation—Shaking the bottle vigorously activates the essence or elixir.

Multiple Elixirs—You may use more than one essence at a time. Flower Essences, Starlight, Element, and Gem Elixirs work well together.

Drops—Three to seven drops may be placed under the tongue, directly from the stock bottle.

Fluids—Three to seven drops may be placed into a glass of liquid and sipped. Pure water, and/or alcohol may be used.

Frequency—Drops are generally taken three to four times a day. They may be taken more often if this feels appropriate.

Meals—Essences and elixirs work best if they are not taken immediately before or after eating. It may be best to allow at least one-half hour before or after meals.

Bathing—Three to seven drops may be placed into a tub of bath water. Immerse yourself and relax. If you are using Starlight elixirs, bathe in darkness.

Bodywork—Essences or elixirs may be applied externally to the body. Bodyworkers may find that this will accelerate their client's rebalancing process.

Environment Use—Essences may also be used in a vaporizer or diffuser to enhance the environment.

Other Uses—Flower Essences and Gem Elixirs can be used in cooking, laundry, and cleaning.