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We'd love to hear from you.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us, and many of our customers have written to share their thoughts on the quality of our products and services.

Here are a few quotes from the cards and letters of those who have written. We encourage you to share personal experiences you have had with Pegasus Products!


Combination 63 — Skin Issues:

This is the only thing that works on my mom's reoccurring rash. I've been using essences for a decade, and she's finally a believer! Thank you :)



Hi Fred,

I have been you customer quite some years, but usually buying some bottles for future time to use, so I am not frequent, and so you possibly will not remember me.

I just wanted to tell you that I have for some months used Soul Incarnation combination and while I have always found that every essence are useful to me in some way, some more and some less, this is dynamite! I just love it!

Maybe I began to use it on just right time in my own development, but I am so inspired and joyful that someone is making these kind of pure and expansive things that people can try and get boost to their chosen expansion.

So a BIG THANK YOU from me here in snowy Finland with a beautiful winter day.

Love and laughter



I bought two Pegasus Omni devices several months ago.  I started a tutoring business out of my home early last year to attempt to make ends meet better hopefully so I have lots of children and parents coming in and out of my home on a daily basis every single week including weekends.  I have lived alone for a long time, so it took significant courage for me to allow all sorts of energy into my home all of the time.  I am also around thousands of people every day at work.  I was drawn to the Omni from the first time that I read about it, but I waited quite some time to purchase two Omni's for my home.

I have been thrilled with the results.  Some of the kids who were not so approachable last year or open to learning from me have started being friendly and willing to learn.  A few seem almost like different people in a remarkable way!  I also notice that I am more centered, I am meditating more regularly, and I sleep like a baby, when that has been an issue for me for decades.  I have one Omni in my bedroom, and the other one is in the dining room where I work with the students.

I am thrilled that I made this investment.  Thank you so much, Fred!!!


Just to mention: Your essences and elixirs function very efficiently — I am having lots of results with my patient! Books are also great!” Dr. M.


“In 2005. I was hired to teach kids' yoga at a new studio in town. The owner also wanted me to teach creative movement for families and a movement class for toddlers.
I was very new at relating to kids and families in this context and I felt overwhelmed and unprepared.
I ordered a couple of preparations from Pegasus products: One for hidden talents and one for physical ability. I was amazed by how quickly I gained the tools I needed to thrive in my new job.
I will always think of Pegasus when I need an upgrade!
Thank You,” NB


"As usual you came through for me when I could not make the computer order work !
Thank you, may all of you there be blessed with all the universe has to offer.
I have used your products sine the late 1980's  and love them more all the time." CL, Fort Wayne, IN


"Inert Gas Devices:
Since I have been using the gas devices I have experienced absolute and concrete evidence of my development and levels that I can not find the words for. I had no expectations so the results have been genuine and surprising. I must add that I am a "sensitive" person and NONE of these devices have been overwhelming in any way. In fact, I did not use the inert gas elixirs before I used the devices. It just happened that way. These devices have an IMMEDIATE effect.

"As a reminder, I am an alternative healthcare provider in California where I do Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, Chiropractic, Herbs, Homeopathy, Vibrational Healing. . . . I am absolutely, positive that the use of these devices have catapulted my career and helped me with so many things that I can not list them here. Instead, I pass-on the help I get to others in any form possible because that's what this is all about: helping others." L.K., CA


"I have been getting profound healing results with my acupuncture patients using the Think Pink Emotional Healing lotion. There have been spontaneous releases of deep grief stored in the heart chakra, sadness from the sexual chakra and tears of relief as knots are loosened in the solar plexus chakra.

"The Chakra Mists have been tremendously beneficial used regularly over time by my acupuncture patients to activate, heal and develop the chakras. This is where the true, inner transformation and learning takes place. As the chakras are cleared of their dysfunctional patterns, they blossom to their full potential and healing happens on all levels — physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I have observed patients with ingrained life-time patterns of thinking and acting gradually shift their automatic reactions and ways of being to become more their real self. The Chakra Mists have been especially helpful for more conscious awareness of these patterns and then actually changing them." J. S., CA


"Just wanted to let you know that since my nephew was born, in April 17th, my sister had to complement her breast feeding with bottle. She started taking the essences/lactation sunday evening and she called me yesterday night to tell me that she had to buy a pumping machine due to the amount of milk she has now. Not only she doesn't need to complement with bottle but she has to pump extra milk and freeze. So thank you for your beautiful work. Just thought you would like to hear that. Love and light. " – B.


"Thank you for supplying me with your Think Pink lotion. I really appreciate it as I use it for each client on hands and feet. It feels like pure love. " – T.S., WY (CMT, CRM)


"I've just tried several of your Personal Care products. Here's what I think.

I'm a label reader. My kids hate it, because I scan their snacks. (I usually allow them to buy some junk foods, though, unless they contain artificial sweetness, especially Aspartame). Anyway, when I read the labels on your products, I was in Heaven! You are the best! Your Sirius Soap is my favorite, although I had a problem with it at first: it felt so tingly and smelled so good, I didn't want to wash it off my hands! It's an amazing body soap too.

I use your Mending Cream for cuts, but one night I used it as an after shave cream. I've been with my wife K. for 14 years. That night, she reached over and started rubbing my cheeks — for the first time in all those years! She's very sensitive and could feel the vibe. (By the way, I didn't tell her I had used it.) Now I use it like that every day. For her own use, she (and my daughter) likes Think Pink. My daughter will sometimes come over and insist that I rub some on my hands.

Lastly, I just started using Sirius Shampoo. Frankly, it's hard to find shampoo that doesn't contain sodium laureth sulfate (an alleged cancer causing agent). Sirius doesn't of course, plus it has tons of other not just good, but amazing ingredients. I usually wash my hair about three times a week. With my previous shampoo, after a day or so, my hair would feel dirty again. With yours, I feels amazing clean and soft until I wash it again. Thanks so much!" – M.L., guy, FL

"Thanks for the generous Disconnect Cream sample! I had a very rough session yesterday, with some very challenging stuff that came up for the client and, as a result, for me. I used the Disconnect product afterwards and it actually did help me release the session. I have been trying it and it seems to be effective for what it says it does. Congratulations for putting together such a good product. I will speak to my friends about it. We have an advanced Body Alignment class starting next week and I will let people know about this product." – D.P., Psychotherapist, CO

"I have been having difficulty with my cat Harley not getting along with my other cats. I have tried separating him and then letting him come back with the others and he still would pick fights with them. He wanted to be the only cat in the house.

I received my flower essence "Jealousy" Thursday. I took it home Friday and placed one drop under Harley's tongue and mixed some in a spray bottle with distilled water. I sprayed all the rooms in the house with the essence. HE HAS NOT ONCE PICKED A FIGHT WITH ANOTHER CAT. I am so amazed at the results! I am a Registered Veterinary Technician and have just finished a course on Veterinary Massage and Rehabilitation. I am working to introduce this modality in my area.

I would like to order more products and carry them so I can share with other pet owners the healing of these products. I am also a Licensed Massage Therapist and can use this in my massage practice. I will send a copy of our retail license soon. If there is any literature or catalogues you could send I would be grateful. Thank you. "– J.G. (Veterinary Technician), MO

"I've been using several Pegasus Products religiously for the last few months. I've noticed a positive results in all the areas that the elixirs claimed to work."
M.L., Hollywood, FL; Starbuilders

"This morning I got up feeling very groggy and sleepy. This feeling continued for the next five hours. I had a great deal of difficulty concentrating, following a conversation or line of thought. After I took four drops of the Neon preparation, within five minutes, I'm feeling much less foggy, much more able to concentrate, and much more "collected". I am very happy that this preparation is available. Thank you." – K.S., Longmont, CO, Consumer

"Just days after beginning to wear my gas device, I could feel its effects. First I noticed a general sense of well-being. Nothing was different in my life at the time, but I felt a positive and happy outlook that had not been there in the same way. Then I began to feel an odd thing: It felt like I was waking up from a dream. The “realities’ of my life, although I'd certainly been aware of them, were now looking different, more real. I felt I had more power to be able to change them rather than just sitting and looking at things in a helpless, somewhat detached manner. Yes, I had the power and ability to make things different, things that I had previously not particularly liked but had felt strangely powerless to change were no very obviously under my control. WAY cool!" – D.M., Consumer

"After beginning the elixir "Angels Trumpet," I noticed a definite change in my meditations. Messages and insights came more clearly. Even during normal consciousness I felt much more clarity regarding the messages behind everyday events. I would recommend this product to anyone seeking a closer relationship with their angels/guides on the other side. It is incredible!" – V.T., NY, Consumer

"I just wanted to share my deepest gratitude for you, your helpers (spirit and physical), and your products. These "majik" drops have helped me and my life's course in ways I know not how to express. I experience more love, more joy, more connection to my spirit guides, and more connection to all that is. I'm not sure which drops are doing all of this as I have hundreds of them." – E.B, , WI, Chiropractor

"I'd like to share with you my experience with the lemon flower essence. At the time, I was trying to write a grant proposal, but a nagging pain in my right side made it difficult to concentrate. So I asked for inner guidance as to what herbal remedy would help me. I took a short nap, and as I was waking up, I saw an image of a giant lemon only and inch or two from my face. It was literally in my face. ‘Alright, thank you for the message,’ I replied. I tried drinking lemonade, but the pain remained, so I ordered lemon flower essence and received it very quickly, maybe 48 hours later. With just one dose, the pain disappeared, and I thought that was pretty amazing! But then the really amazing thing happened: my mind became so clear and focused that I stayed up all night writing the grant proposal without any caffeine or tiredness. The mental clarity I experienced with the lemon flower essence was awesome! Thank you for all your wonderful products!" – M.M., IN, Consumer

"I have been taking the #104 Male combination formula, Oregon Grape and Waikiki Rainbow Cactus since early August. At first, I was rather skeptical of what it could do for me. After all, I had been taking the Bach essences for months and they only seemed to help the top layers. Less than one month upon starting the Pegasus elixirs, I began noticing shifts in my perspective and attitude, which were subtle but steady. Since then I have made peace with my parents, with God and most importantly, with myself. Pegasus appears to work on much deeper levels of emotions and feelings. I would highly recommend them to anybody with issues and inner pain. Thank you!" – B.C., CT, Consumer

"Thank you so very much for bringing forth and making available such wonderful products. I'm close to being internationally certified as a Bach flower Counselor, and believe they are serving many. I feel very at home with Pegasus Products. Yes, it is a world of relativity! The delightful words in song come into my head about ‘Would you like to sing with the stars, carry moonbeams home in a jar,’ has had me giggling. I have been working with animals, especially exotic birds, for the past year. I'm so pleased to see you have combinations now for animals in mind, as well as children. I look forward to seeing your web site. Your search engine sounds like a wealth of information. Once again, thank you for your love and sharing of Pegasus Products." – P.W., NJ, Consumer

"I was happy to discover Pegasus Products a year ago. I've been a complementary medicine practitioner for the last 11 years, with a quite a large range of knowledge, sensible senses, and ‘extra senses’ which I use quite successfully. I can tell a lot of wonderful stories about using Bach flowers, Australian Bush and healing. Using Pegasus Products combinations on myself, I can tell that when I took a few drops, which I detected with my pendulum, I immediately felt a light in my aura. The combinations work in a very gentle way, bringing to consciousness views, images and thoughts, which are unknown, not understood. A lot of them I still don't understand!" – R. I., Practitioner

"The Joy Combination is a powerful, life changing enhancer. Slowly at first, the layers over the heart that prevent the receivership of joy are revealed then dissolved. JOY moves gently through the cellular structure, releasing the mind from woe and shifting the physio-emotional memory held in the body, thus allowing behavioral/emotional layers to dissolve. The process does not overwhelm one. As each layer slips away, or emotion is unlocked, a felling of optimism takes over regardless of the depth of the pain. Light-heartedness replaces woe. I have been working with Pegasus Products. This combination is outstanding. It is especially wonderful for healing practitioners. Several drops taken after a session will release any transference, and the healer will feel detached and refreshed, as if floating in a warm pool filled with rose petals." – C.H., Practitioner

"The Dance Free Combination boldly propels one into a movement of release. As with the Joy Combination, it is evolutionary in nature. Slowly one begins to let go of patterns in life that incarcerate the heart and spirit. It does not matter the level of spiritual mastery one is at, there is always something to release. Dance Free provides the etheric and physical to do just that. It is particularly powerful when one is at the end of a journey, preparing for a new cycle of life. Combined with Joy, Betelgeuse, and a triad of Jupiter, Geidi and Sirius, it enables one to plan a new course in life with optimism, fearlessness and inner strength." – C.H.

"I always use Pegasus Products, and continue to make crystallizations using Pegasus Starlight Elixirs. Combination 114 should be used for small vices, and also medium ones with excellent results. We're using Matriz Arcturus/Sirius for cases that combine emotional cure and physical cure. I have put some Matriz essence in creams and it has been excellent for herpes. I've also use Viola Tricolor, with 3 different of Viola, and each one serves for different viruses. Judas Tree with Rubea Rose has worked miracles in drastic cases. A combination of M20/M35/M37 transforms and feeds spirituality. It has worked miracles with a terminal patient. Green Rain Orchid has also been a key essence, used for depression and deep sadness. With it, you get back happiness, confidence, and an opening up to life again." –

"In the west, we are often conditioned to intellectualize, but the realization being taught involves a full opening of ones being, ones heart/mind to ever-subtle forms of love, unity, and wisdom, the death of the ego to substanceless/deathless realms. The reality of the stars is as real as my bedroom chair, and this fact implies our evolutionary connectedness to the infinite realms, which transcend mundane time assumptions, which frame realities, showing extraterrestrial influences which are our essence and our guidance. B, Brazil

"Your premise of the superficial mind-created boundaries between light, matter, and energy against intelligences is non-arguable. And modern physics supports it. I respect your courage to stand firm on the edge of the new, but quite old discoveries. We here in the west are brought up and conditioned to be retards with severely repressed and undeveloped intuitive abilities, the same abilities that comprise the core of the spiritual realization and planetary development. The Star Elixirs are helping me to maintain higher consciousness through extraterrestrial influences amidst the filth of crude consciousness. Thanks again to you all." – T.B.

"I am writing to thank you for the amazing tabs and the bead. The results have been something my wildest dreams could not have imagined. I have not slept properly for years. Even in different houses; it was the same restless legs and tension. I put this down to my extreme sensitivities. Anyway, I placed the tabs, two of them, at the instruction of my service, under my house on certain spots not under the bed. Within a few hours I felt more relaxed. That night and every night since, I have slept deeply and well. I am, after years of inner tension, beginning to let go of the ever-present stress in my body. Thank you for the wonderful moments." – A.O., New Zealand

"In the west, we are often conditioned to intellectualize, but the realization being taught involves a full opening of ones being, ones heart/mind to ever-subtle forms of love, unity, and wisdom, the death of the ego to substanceless/
deathless realms. The reality of the stars is as real as my bedroom chair, and this fact implies our evolutionary connectedness to the infinite realms, which transcend mundane time assumptions, which frame realities, showing extraterrestrial influences which are our essence and our guidance.

Fred, you and your company are preciously prophetic in your introduction to the modern world of space and earth medicinal remedies through guidance. It is no coincidence we met. My aural vibrations have evolved to the point of readiness to synchronize with yours in a cosmic dance of joy and wisdom lessons. As Ken Wilbur, noted Buddhist author, teaches, our supreme identity is our real identity behind the illusion of physical/Ego separateness. Thank you for the vitality of Boulder, your company and Trungpa Rinposhe's legendary movement, and all the old souls with the courage to lead us to the new age. Thank you precious souls of Pegasus Products." – T.B.

"I use Kinesiology to work with the body's bio-energy system to access information that will allow the body's wisdom to identify and correct inner disturbances that block the body's natural state of wellness. The primary areas I work in, though not exclusively, are emotional clearing, spiritual connection and nutritional support. About four years ago I noticed that some of my clients were moving and releasing emotions very slowly and coming back with similar issues.

After some exploration with Kinesiology, I discovered that these clients used computers a lot, which can have harmful effects on the body. I gave the Smog Busters to wear and to put on the computer. Using both the Bead on the body and the Smog Buster on the computer, the radiation was reduced in my clients from 75-90%. I found a better result with heavy computer users when they used both the Bead on the person and the Smog Buster on the computer. One of my clients kept losing his Catalyst Bead. After buying several Beads, he discovered that his four-year-old daughter was taking them and putting them in the potted plants in the house. He noticed that the plants with the Beads were healthier and bigger, compared to the other plants in the house.‘Out of the mouths of babes.‘" – K.A. (MA, ND, Kinesiologist), CA

"Since using the Catalyst Bead, I have finally been put on the right track. The difference in energy levels and general well-being is significant." – J.S. , Australia, Dr. Traditional Eastern Medicine

"I would like to share with an abbreviated case history of an animal with which I've been privileged to work. Madchen was a dachshund who had a massive stroke. When the vet released her saying the there was no more that he could do, her owner asked me to see what I could do. I chose the following Pegasus flower essences: Peach, to add some joy back into her life; Mallow, to fight the fear of aging; Mimulus, to fight her natural fears as a result of the illness; Date Palm, for rejuvenation, life sustaining and to repel the fears and concerns of the owners; Redwood, to strengthen the pituitary and aid skin and circulation; Mango, to balance the meridians; Cotton, for her skin condition; and Century Agave, to strengthen the circulatory and adrenal systems, the heart, and the lungs, also to stimulate tissue regeneration to reverse the aging process.

Madchen was unable to stand or walk when the vet released her. Her head was pulled half way to the shoulder. Her owner carried her from her pillow to the back yard so that she could go to the bathroom. Everything had to be done for her. She could only lay there and be terrified! Her most fearful time was evening, when she cried and cried. Within days after beginning the essences, her head began to right itself. This righted it self within a week or two. She was also beginning to stand within a week. She stood weakly at first. She could not go anywhere, but she did stand. Soon her standing turned into wobbly walking in circles, when she became agitated in the evenings. I was staying with them, and at this time I would give Madchen a dropperful of the formula. She would calm down within 1 to 2 minutes.

Soon Madchen learned that I could give her something that helped. When the anxiety would hit, she would come over to me and present herself for some. Within three weeks of the onset of her treatment, she could walk to the door and beg to have someone take her out to the potty. She could not, at this point, step out over the casing. However, once outside, she could find her spot and use it. Only a few days later, she was able to follow her owner out and do her business. However, she was not able to engage in her lifelong behavior of running around the inside of the house when she finished. In another week the big day came! Madchen ran around the house when she came back in!!" – L.D. (FE, CH, BS Nutrition)