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Chakra Elixirs

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How do I use these chakra essences?

There are four main ways to utilize these products. For best results, combine all four applications.

1) Ingest up to seven drops under the tongue.

2) Place up to seven drops of a mixture in a bath. Additionally, colored candles can be used to emphasize the color of the particular chakra one is working with.

3) Use the elixirs externally on the approximate physical body parts that each chakra represents. This is wonderful with massage, Reiki, acupuncture, or any form of therapy -- including psychotherapy.

4) Place seven drops in the crystal singing bowl that corresponds to that elixir's chakra, and play and tone with it. This will fill the room with a concentration of the chakra energy, with an amplified effect from including the elixir. In this manner, one can tune the rooms of one´s home or office to their appropriate function by bringing in these chakra energies. For example, bringing in more heart energy into one´s bedroom or dining room might be appropriate; or 1st chakra energy into one´s exercise space; or 3rd chakra energy into the office if there are imbalances in the energy of control. One can share 2nd chakra energy at the beginning of a creative project, or 6th chakra energy when the project can benefit from greater inspiration. The quartz crystal bowls are magnificent in broadcasting or saturating a room or group with focused intent and energy.

For the journey into greater self-awareness, it is advisable to use all eight chakra bottles, starting with the first chakra, and working your way upwards to the eighth chakra. What works best for most, is to take a single elixir for one full lunar cycle. This is always best because the absorbability of water changes throughout the lunar cycle. One can abbreviate this to a fifteen-day cycle—beginning with the new moon, and ending with the full moon—and then switching to the next elixir combination. It is best to take one´s time with these combinations and then repeat the series. If you are in a rush, you can try an eight-day cycle of taking only one combination per day, beginning on a Monday. At some future point—after experiencing these elixirs singularly during these cycles—one can use more than one at a time, especially when one recognizes a blockage in more than one chakra at a time. These are a few suggestions to work with that will bring powerful results.

“Chakras are wheels of energy or fields of consciousness; they are not just the isolated internal organ. Your chakras are but a dialogue from thy soul. They are the dialogue from which the soul expresses itself. They are as inspiration to continue in the words of the Father and the love that He gives to each of thee. The chakras are but a library or scroll that unfolds a specific revelation for each of thee in thy state of growth, but none are greater or lesser that the other.”

*The quotes at the beginning and end of this discourse, as well as other information, were taken from the book, Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing—Volume I, by Gurudas, with permission from Cassandra Press.

Fred Rubenfeld
President, Pegasus Products, Inc.
© 2003; All Rights Reserved.