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Combination Elixirs

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Image of a bottle of Elixir These mixtures have been created over a period of twenty years. From the collection of Pegasus Products, containing more than one thousand individual elixirs, these combinations have been co-created. There have been times when these combination elixirs have been upgraded or improved upon and this process will continue into the future. These formulas contain vibrational preparations of flowers and minerals from six continents, elements including gases, and planets, stars, and deep space objects. The potential for utilizing many forms of vibration in an elixir is likely so others will be added in the future. It is often easier to experience the effects of vibrational preparations when they are used in various combinations.

It has been quite a while since Pegasus introduced new combination remedies. These contain flower remedies, gem elixirs, element elixirs, and Starlight Elixirs. Energies have certainly shifted in these ten-plus years, and these new combos have been specially formulated to assist with working through the new etheric densities of Earth. Also, there are now some pressing issues to understand and to bring into a greater balance. I trust that you will find the following combos as fruitful and joyful to work with as I have. Please remember the following thoughts about taking vibrational remedies:

1. Intentionally is always a key to greater success. Be sure to set a program (through visualization, affirmation, or prayer). This is best done prior to taking the elixir or for a few moments while it remains in the mouth or hands.

2. Thoughts, feelings, or realizations may come to the surface of one's consciousness as part of the awakening, healing, or transformational process. Do not ignore these, as it is important to process all of these revelations to successfully transit into a more balanced and healthy reality.

3. Always reach out for help. It is a Universal Law that whenever one asks for the help of a more integrated being, they will give it. This is the basis of the power of prayer. So, for better understanding of the personal process, one can always ask one's guides for greater clarity and assistance. One can reach out to the Angelic Kingdom for help. There are special Angels for assisting with automobiles, airplanes, healing, and many other activities. It is always wise to ask for their participation. When taking various remedies, one can always turn to particular Devas of flowers or stones for assistance. While using Starlight Elixirs, there are many multi-dimensional beings, with a benevolent or loving disposition towards humanity, who are available to assist—even in a way that might be considered miraculous.

4. Enjoy the journey. There are times that the awakening or healing process can be joyful, thought-provoking, or even shocking. If one feels the need to become detached, do so. It is the willingness to look at some deeply buried emotions or thoughts that will allow them to surface and be transmuted. This is the key to the "alivement" process: What is inside must come to the surface to be dealt with and jettisoned. By removing these submerged thoughts and feelings, there is no need for them to physicalize into disease, drama, financial distress, or emotional imbalance. This is the reason for using vibrational healing, which—as the ultimate preventative medicine—diminishes the need to create the illness in order to receive self-awareness. The self-awareness comes through the journey of using the various vibrational preparations. As part of the healing process, there may be some slight cleansing reactions. These can be in the form of dark thoughts and emotions surfacing, disturbed sleep, tiredness, anxiety, skin or excretory discharge, even excess energy. Some things to pay attention to are the reflections appearing in life. New people or situations may appear in order to speed up the process of self-realization. Pay close attention to all change in "normal" life patterns, for this may be the way one's guides (higher self) show the inner truth of what it is that one needs to understand.

5. You are never alone. Each one of us has a rich following of beings from other lifetimes, guides, or members of our Soul Family who are totally prepared to support us through our journeys with great love and patience.

I am pleased to announce the formation of several new combination remedies. All of the ingredients are from elixirs produced by Pegasus Products, Inc. The L'il Masters line of products are made with brandy and water. Upon request, the mixtures can be switched from an alcohol base to a vegetable glycerin base for a small additional charge of $2. I have tried to make these combinations for the widest range of human and animal species. There were many simulations run for me by Hilarion and other friends to try and isolate the most synergistic and impactful mixtures. I tried to create a very user-friendly form so people could easily utilize vibrational elixirs.

I suggest and support the use of additional remedies while taking these combos. Starlight Elixirs can always be a benefit to add to most formulas. I did not include them in the children's or animal combos for logistical reasons. However, you can take them separately, if you wish. There were usually too many choices for which star might be better to add to a mixture. Usually the major stars, 1st magnitude, all have great influence on human/animal energies. Research them yourself, or avail yourself of a sensitive health practitioner. In my experience in working with these products, one thing you can expect is change. The pace of that change or the permanence of it will be dictated by your readiness to shift, other lifestyle choices that support change, and the urgency of your need to change.