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Vibrational Essence Remedies Consultations
by Fred Rubenfeld

I understand that there are many remedies to choose from and at times it can be overwhelming for the beginner. Even for those with years of experience, there can be pivot points in one’s life that seem so important, be they medical, relationships, or even financial, that an impartial, yet sensitive viewpoint can be greatly appreciated. I have been involved with teaching health practitioners from many countries in the use of flower essences and specifically the use of Pegasus Products for more than 20 years. I bring an informed and highly intuitive approach to this work, and I have co-created many welcomed results over the years. I have been successful with positive shifts of behavior for children, animals, plants and various groups of people. There is really no issue that would seem resistant to vibrational support in my view. Fred Rubenfeld

I am not empowered by the government or any agency to offer medical assistance of any type, yet to understand the reason for or emotional precursor to a particular condition is worth exploring. In my experience, generally a three-month period is sufficient to shift a particular pattern or difficulty. So what I propose is the following:

Please fill out the brief questionnaire below. For a printable version, click here. Email, fax or snail-mail it to me. If you have a recent photo of yourself or the individuals that you are seeking assistance for that would be useful to me for tuning in purposes. I will consult with you over the phone for up to 15 minutes 3 times over a three-month period. I will recommend and make two custom formulae for each of those three consultations. More formulas than these are to be an additional cost.

For example, you can get formulas for multiple people or pets in your family within a single 15-minute consultation. If you require more than 15 minutes per consultation there will be an additional cost of $10 per five-minute period. The cost for a 3-month consultation is $250. This needs to be pre-paid. If you have some financial hardship where this may be difficult I am open to other forms of energy exchange for compensation.

You may register on-line or download the form and fax it to us. Click for a plain text, printer friendly version. Click here for a Word .doc printer version. Click here to go to the shopping cart and pay for your sessions.

Consultation Form

All information is private and will not be shared with any agency for any reason. Emails are not rented out to outside parties, ever. If you need more room to write pertinent information, please do so.
Name(s) Please include billing name and or soul name and approximate age.

Email address and phone number that you wish me to call.

Experience with essences or energy medicine.

What is your work situation, relationship to your job, or things that occupy your time?

Are you taking any medications at the present time? This includes pharmaceutical, homeopathic, herbal, or others.

Are there any additional therapies that you are involved with?

Do you have a regular spiritual practice or religious participation?

Please describe your living situation? Who do you live with? Where? Describe the geographic area and your favorite room?

Please describe your diet briefly? Vegan, fast food, TAD (typical American diet), Instinctive, Kosher, Other?

What is your level of physical activity? Sports? Work?

Describe your most important relationships? Happy, Satisfied, Puzzled?

Please describe your physical health. Anything pressing? Anything recently observed? Anything chronic?

Where do you think you are emotionally? Joyful, Persevering, Hanging on, ready for change?
How would you describe your mental health?

Where do you see yourself in one year’s time, physically, emotionally, spiritually, or financially?
How about in five year’s time?

What is your favorite color?

What do you want from this work? Please prioritize this list starting with the things of maximum importance.

Please take your time in answering all of these questions. This is the beginning of the therapy.

I honor your level of truthfulness and commitment to your future self.
I am humbled to participate with you in this journey.
I will bring my full loving presence to assist you and others in this soul therapy.
This will be occurring on multiple vibrational levels simultaneously.
Please list the best time of day to call you.
List your forms of payment. Checks over the phone and all credit cards are accepted.
Thank you for this opportunity to co-create wellness and soul expansion,
Fred Rubenfeld
*Video Chats are available.
Email additional questions to my personal email