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Inert Gas Devices

Inert gas deviceFor more than ten years I have been waiting for a form of stimulated inert gas that can be worn or carried; it is now available. Inert gas mixtures at low pressures are placed in a hand blown pyrex glass tube. There is a magnet inside for stimulation. The tube is airtight so that the gas can remain at the suggested concentration. The tubes, about 1½" long by ¼" wide, can be worn on the body in a pouch or placed in one's pocket in a safe package to prevent breakage. They will also be offered as pendants. I have found these devices to be profound in their effect on shifting consciousness and promoting healing. These are not subtle and should be used judiciously. Do not use ten at a time.Image of a Inert Gas Device

The energy from the very center of the inert gas atom is of several natures at once, providing aetheric energy, the same that is produced by life force in the human body. This is the very stuff that consciousness is made of. This raw material is that which is available through the energies that surround this central point. These energies normally conceived as matter (nucleus, electrons, etc.) are more closely revealed as a wave nature. It is this vibrational characteristic that can give rise to creation of matter and of various forms of energy in the universe.

This energy, being the raw material from which other things are constructed, can be influenced by the thought process. This inert gas energy is all around you, within the atmosphere, within the bloodstream, in your cells. If there is sufficient vibration within you to capture and use it, a natural amplification can take place when in the presence of stimulated gas. This means that you vibrate in some synchronization so that the energy in your body is liberated, primarily at an aetheric level. This releases some of this inherently beneficial raw material giving your own aetheric fluidium greater strength and an increased ability to work with these energies. Therefore, if you take an inert gas elixir or expose yourself to an inert gas field, there is likely to be a synergistic effect with additional benefit.

For detailed descriptions of the possible effects of the individual inert gases, please click the image of the inert gas device (above and to the right). These are applicable for both the elixirs as well as the wearable or stationary inert gas devices. It might be useful to combine the elixir with the devices. Using the elixirs for a few days or weeks prior to the exposure to the devices will suitably prepare the body for the full impact and utilization of these energies. The elixirs may be taken throughout any period of working with the devices or by themselves.

For a clear strong effect to be fully brought into being for most people, the use of a particular device should be maintained for 6 months to make it a more permanent part of one's existence. The devices may be placed in contact with or within a few inches of the body. Placement in close proximity to the energy centers would be recommended. The energy centers most active in most people are those corresponding to the joints. They can also be placed close to individual organs or chakras.

If one needs to focus awareness on an injury or disharmonious part of the body, the device can be placed there with tape. Pure helium is one such device that is useful for this. As with all of our products, health claims are not allowed to be made or suggested. Please use these devices in the spirit of experimentation or the fun of becoming more sensitive to the energy within your body and around you. If the devices prove to be too strong for some, if you stop wearing them for up to 72 hours, the effects will diminish and disappear.

When traveling I wrap the devices in lead of 1/16 or so, or place them in a lead-lined photographic pouch. One may use more than one device at a time. They will naturally align themselves magnetically for an increased effect. One can use 2 or more of each device or combine different ones together. In my personal experience I would recommend that most individuals start with the pure or nearly pure inert gas devices one at a time until the energy becomes more familiar. Some people have a specific aetheric imbalance of a single gas that would need adjusting prior to working with multiple complex mixtures. I have been using single inert gas devices or simple mixtures, e.g. argon 96% krypton 4%, to become more familiar with the energies. I switch devices at each change of phase of the moon. Some of you would feel inclined to focus on one device for a longer period of time. For the majority of people, if unclear as to where to start I would always recommend the above mentioned argon/krypton mixture for releasing and dissolving negative thought-forms. This is one of my favorites; when wearing this its seems that my world is much happier place.