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Elemental Elixirs

Image of a bottle of ElixirThe following information has been gathered during a question and answer session between Fred Rubenfeld and the energies known as Hilarion, as channeled by Jon Fox of Nevada City, California. Hilarion is a direct source of information in the use of inert gases as they were used in the mid-to-late Atlantean period to the present time. As the etheric densities today are vastly different from those in Atlantis, the suggestions of the individual properties of the gases should be considered mutable and experimental in nature. This leaves a wide area for people to attune to their higher selves in reaching for the appropriate gas or combinations for each particular condition.

The inert gases seem to be able to affect the subtle bodies, the aetheric body in particular. The physical body, either unconsciously or under the direction of the mind, then sends that energy where it is needed. In addition to the noble gases, other gases and elements are available in a vibrational form. Some like gold, silver, platinum, etc. have been previously available as Gem Elixirs but are now properly listed as Element Elixirs. Other gases such as hydrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide are included as Element Elixirs as well. These are part of the long-term project to make available all of the elements of the periodic table in a vibrational format.