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Zodiac Elixirs

Image of a bottle of ElixirThe Zodiac Elixirs have been formulated to support the positive vibratory energies of each of the signs of the Zodiac. They also add consciousness to the so-called negative traits as well as to the potential soul opportunities for self-actualization. Each formula contains metals, gem elixirs, and flower essences that resonate with the qualities of each Zodiac sign (the exception being the inclusion of the gas argon in the Aries mixture). Starlight Elixirs, made from the important stars that occur within each of the constellations, are also included in the combinations. Planet elixirs were purposely left out of these formulas, for there can be a significant difficult aspect in someone's chart that could cause a minor crisis when accentuating that planet's energy within a formula. If that is the case with your chart, you can use the planet elixir sparingly, less frequently, or at a homeopathic dilution to relieve such a condition.

Zodiac Elixirs can be taken on a daily basis to enhance key astrological transits and meditation portals. The new moon is the fundamental moment each month for attunement with the Zodiac Elixirs. Each day, for the 28-day cycle, meditate prior to taking the elixir. The elixir could be taken several times a day—preferably around noon and prior to sleep. You could even send light to the various body parts ruled through each sign. After the course of one year, a full activation of the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic body can be achieved.

Another path may be the use of different Zodiac Elixirs as the moon changes signs every 2 to 2½ days. A good lunar calendar can be easily obtained or the information found on the world wide web. The Moon, symbolizing one's emotional nature and subconscious mind, may be an even more interesting way to experience the different signs. We recommend that an astrological diary that notes perceptions and experiences as the Moon passes through each of the signs of the Zodiac accompany the taking of the elixirs.

I recommend that these elixirs be used as a set during the year. However, you may experiment with them in many different ways for yourself and your clients. This is true whether your focus is on medical astrology, career or relationship interpretations, or just tweaking those areas of your chart that need more illumination. This could be a wonderful journey to share with your partner or family. Always use your intuition and follow your inner guidance.

Of course, you should not limit yourself to just these uses. You may find that in the course of your life, you may be experiencing difficulties with several people born under a certain sign. To increase awareness and consciousness about that particular sign can be a quick way to shift the energies between you and those individuals. The following are simply guidelines; there are numerous other interpretations available for how these elixirs can enhance your experience of each of the 12 signs.