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Flower Essences

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Image of a bottle of ElixirIn 1981 when the material was being collected for the landmark book, Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing by Gurudas there were maybe five companies in the world offering flower remedies. Since then, largely through the influence of that book and others there are many hundreds of companies throughout the world selling flower essences. Pegasus Products, originally under the guidance of Gurudas from 1981-1987 has been a leader in the education and distribution of now more than 700 flower remedies and other vibrational products.

Flower essences are tinctures of liquid consciousness, and stored within them is an evolutionary force, the life force itself shaped to a particular pattern depending on the signature of a particular plant and/or flower. This liquid consciousness can be considered educational for the psycho-spiritual dynamics of an individual.

Working with these vibrations, offers one an opportunity to shift one's beliefs, conceptions, ideas of science and long-term patterns to a place of greater awareness and understanding. These products offer much more than the temporary relief of some emotional state or physical difficulty. They are contributing to a change in a soul's life pattern and consciousness. This goes far beyond the cessation of some syptoms within one incarnation. When one looks deeply enough one realizes that it is only to increase consciousness that one incarnate in a body, moving through various physical, emotional, mental, spiritual difficulties to attain some self awareness.

Flower essences adjust the flow of consciousness and karma that create the disease state. They influence the subtle bodies and ethereal properties of the anatomy and then gradually influence the physical body.

These are a safe, sometimes subtle form of therapy that before one even realizes what is occuring, positive change has happened. Long term difficult patterns can be shifted in days or months. Tremendous self-awareness occurs with an increase in the intuitive and or psychic part of oneself. These products work whether one is a believer or not. They have been very efffective with animals and plants. If one truly wants change, more satisfaction from life and enhanced wisdom these can benefit you greatly.

Here are some Flower Elixir Charts that you may find useful.